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Take Sannyas(テイク・サニヤース)

YES terday is my sannyas birthday.

i took sannyas on May 2nd 2002 in Puna, and it was almost ten years ago.

i feel more spacious and gracious right now in my ordinary yet precious daily life, especially while working in the speedy and stressful world or society than a decade ago.

Becoming  more and more able to be in the world, but not be of it in balanced way within and without is one of the invisible yet quite valuable treasures i’ve come to rediscover in my life,feeling much more easier and contented both inside and outside than when i’ve started to play meditations created by OSHO along with being initiated into neo-sannyas.

A growing intention o be a medium of OSHO and his vision is one of another treasure i’ve been feeling these day, whose passion and compassion drive me to play a drama of mine and HIS, recently to be in tune with and unveil the message of existnce. ,i’ve restarted to play and share active meditations with friends almost everyday in my residence…

What really matters are one’s sincerity and totality toward myself and HIM…

much grateful and thankfull…



nirdosh yaqin


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