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You can purchase Mandala Mandala with high quality that is carefully drawn from Nepal.

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The material of the Mandalas sold in this store are made from 100% cotton fabric, rather than of paper, which allows it to last hundreds of years.

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Customer's Reviews

Words cannot describe the size or splendor of the Mandala.

One of them, I couldn’t bear to touch, because of the sheer size and extravagance of it. Whereas with the other, I thought, “this might be it,” the moment I laid my eyes on it. I was fascinated by and drawn to its beauty and splendor. In all honesty, that Mandala wasn’t exactly cheap either. However, my feelings of “I want it,” outweighed that.

The next day, something happened that confirmed that the second Mandala was meant for me.



Last summer, I was involved in something unexpected, and had the opportunity to take a good look at my life. Ever since, I kept seeing Vairocana and Mandalas and felt a great sense of fate.
One day, I had a dream that I was hanging up a picture of a Mandala in my living room. It made the space feel very good, like I was being wrapped in light.
After looking it up online, I somehow found myself on Yuya Sato’s website. I thought, “this is it,” and ordered one right away. After hanging it up in my living room today, I could physically feel the energy in the room change and a sense of good luck wash over me. From now on, I’m planning to verbalize my gratitude towards the Mandala.

I’ve always liked psychedelic things.
Recently, a couple milestones have taken place in my life such as the death of a close one as well as my upcoming 60th birthday in the summer.
While I was doing some research for work, I had the opportunity to read about the pre-war movement of Nichirenism, and how although Nichiren abolished the worshipping of idols, the one thing that was allowed to be worshipped was the Mandala. That’s when I became interested in Mandalas.

As I furthered my research on Nichirenism, I discovered that the “Mandala” of Nichiren is solely made up of “words” from the “Namu Myoho Renge Kyo.” However, I am neither of Nichiren Shu nor Soka Gakkai, and therefore feel as though I cannot meditate without images.

When I bought the White Tara Thangka, I thought of it as a similar category It was. It's meant to be an oriental and spiritual interior. The attraction is that it is soothing to look at, and I'm sure it has a deeper meaning.I learned about it through a friend's sharing at the time of the Nepal earthquake.

One of my acquaintances happens to be from Nepal, and he has been helping out in Nepal by himself since the end of April. It is. Since the product included charity, I wanted to do something to contribute to it, and The mandala was so appealing that I decided to buy it.