The Mystery of Mandalas ☆ Three Real Effects / Uses Not Found in Crystals or Lucky Charms ★

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曼荼羅 マンダラの神秘 ☆パワーストーンや縁起物にはない3つのリアルな効果・効用★

Mandalasare pictures that depict truth and enlightenment

The KalachakraMandala
is painted by skilled Tibetan painters who have painted Mandalas for over 30 years, bringing together the universe, Buddha, Gods and Goddesses, and Nyorai.

Since the energy of the universe and of Gods have been actualized through the painting of a Mandala, the energy and power of such a prayer should be feared. For those who have experienced this, it is understood intuitively, without having to explain it in words…

Similar to lucky charms and crystals, Mandalasare something that invite good luck, increase fortune, and bring about order. But, Mandalas also have other uses and effects.

Mandalasare objective art, awakening art, healing art, and spiritual art, it means they can help with meditation, enlightenment, and awakening.

Not only does it increase fortune, invite good luckand bring about order to the energy of the space by protecting, for example, homes from evil, it is said to be able to invoke higher vibrations from within, through awakening, realization, enlightenment, and infinite love, keywords that are currently popular in the spiritual, healing, and comforting industries (and related industries).

For those who practice meditation, zen meditation, and yoga, mediating with a Mandala may allow meditation to be entered into more easily and deeply. Esoteric Buddhism has a tradition of using Mandalas when meditating.

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