What is a Mandala? (Customer Reviews)

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I would like to introduce what Mandalas are, using a review from a customer who has actually purchased a Mandala.


This customer, who is like a God to me, (laughs) was really impressed by our store’s Mandalas and introduced me to their family, relatives, friends and acquaintances.


When I read this customer's review, I was left with the feeling that “there is fate in Mandalas”.


The following review is from customer N.Y., from Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Prefecture.


Words cannot describe the size or splendor of the Mandala.


After listening to my friend’s experience with a Mandala, I thought, “I’d like to have a Mandala that’s suited for me in my house as an amulet.” Then, my friend, who lives in Kyoto, reached out to tell me, “I have a Mandala right now,” and in that moment, I wished that I could go to Kyoto. Much to my surprise, immediately after that, an opportunity arose that meant that I was able to go to Kyoto, and it was there that I encountered two Mandalas.


Words cannot describe the size or splendor of the Mandala.


One of them, I couldn’t bear to touch, because of the sheer size and extravagance of it. Whereas with the other, I thought, “this might be it,” the moment I laid my eyes on it. I was fascinated by and drawn to its beauty and splendor. In all honesty, that Mandala wasn’t exactly cheap either. However, my feelings of “I want it,” outweighed that.


The next day, something happened that confirmed that the second Mandala was meant for me. I accompanied my friend to their workplace, where I saw a woman who was playing the cello, who happened to be my friend’s friend, and we decided to have lunch together. I listened to her talk. Call it a coincidence or call it fate, but as it turns out, she was the daughter of the person who was selling that Mandala.


The following day, I met up with the same woman, and because of our talk the previous day, she sold that Mandala to me for a terrific price.


That confirmed to me that it wasn’t anything other than fate.


Little did I know that it would lead me to unknown destinies.


After I purchased the Mandala, things started falling into place. As a new hire at my company, I was suddenly gifted a bronze mirror from a Chinese museum type place. The bronze mirror had a Mandala painted on the back of it, and was so powerful that I felt the message of Taoism being delivered to me (Taoism is one of the three major religions in China). It was all so sudden and coincidental, and yet fateful encounters were set into motion because of the Mandala.


It was when I returned to Tokyo to buy a Mandala for my mother, that I discovered the online Mandala speciality store, run by Yuya Sato. From the moment I met him, I thought he was a wonderful and trustworthy person. I decided to purchase a Mandala from him because of the very beautiful Mandalas he owned.


To me, this was another fateful encounter, another link in the chain.


Similar to lucky charms and crystals, Mandalas have the power to invite good luck, increase fortune, and bring about and increase order in a space, but this also shows how it leads us to our fate.


Thank you N.Y., for such a great review! I’m very appreciative!

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