The Wonder of Color

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Esoteric teaching says that the essence of a person’s character can be determined by the color reflected deep within their eyes.


Just as the light spectrum of red, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet comes from the difference in vibrations between raw materials, vibrations of the mind create a feeling, and a color, invisible to the naked eye, appears. Here are the primary feelings and their associated colors.


➔   The colors of feelings that appear from bodily functions are colorless and transparent or similar to the color of clear water.

➔   The color of feeling that appears in one’s energy is similar to that of hot air rising from a hot furnace or hot ground. This is the color that appears as it rises from the body, however, within the body itself, it is a pale pink. 

➔   Black represents disgust or malice, light gray represents selfishness, and dark gray represents fear.

➔   Dark green represents inferior emotions such as jealousy, deception, and scheming, while bright green represents delicate emotions such as tact, politeness, and diplomacy.

➔   Dark red represents flesh and animalistic desire, bright red represents anger, and crimson red represents "love".

➔   Brown represents rapacity or greed, orange represents self-esteem and ambition, and various hues of yellows represent intellect.

➔   Blue represents a wide range of religious spirits, with dark blue representing superstition and clear violet representing the highest religious spirit. “Spirits” appear as a unique glossy light blue.

From page 54 of ”The Law of Attraction: Dynamic Thought and Human Aura”.



Red represents mental activity as it relates to physical lifestyle and physical mentality. Red is a color that comes from the vitality of the body, and the shade of color arises from emotions, anger, and physical desires.The meaning of each color will be described later.



Blue represents religious and mental spirituality, noble ideals, philanthropy, religious spirit, and mental activities as it relates to worship. The shade and intensity of color will differ depending on the religious level. This, too, will be elaborated upon later.



Yellow represents mental activities as it relates to mental intellect, reason, analysis, judgment, logic, induction, deduction, and integration. The shade and hue of color will differ depending on the level of intellectual activity.



White represents the "pure spirit" of Esotericism. Completely different from the religious feelings of “spirituality”, it is referred to as the "essence of existing". "Pure spirit" is the positive pole of existence. The role white plays as an astral color will be described later.



Black represents the negative pole of existence. It is the very denial of the "pure spirit" and opposes it in every way. The role black plays as an astral color will be described later.


From page 80.



Red astral colors are clear, bright red, similar to clean arterial blood being pumped from the heart. This group of colors represent pure and clean health, vitality, vigor and energy. It is a color that is strongly shown by healthy children.


Strong and pure emotions, such as friendship, fraternity, physical exercise, and a healthy sporting spirit, appear as a bright, beautiful red. When this feeling is tainted with selfishness or low motivation, the color becomes dark and lifeless. A love for crass friends, unhealthy sports, and gambling will project a lifeless red that causes discomfort.


A deep red, similar to crimson, is the astral color of love, but the color can vary considerably depending on the nature of the emotion. A noble love that wishes for the happiness of a loved one presents as a beautiful rosy color. This is the most pleasing astral color. However, when the color begins to become dark and muddy, the emotion is more vile and rough. One of lust. The color in this case will appear as a blackened crimson color that causes discomfort.


Particularly interesting is the group of reds that represent anger. It takes form in a variety of ways, such as the vivid scarlet that arises from “indignation”, and the lifeless, dark flash of red that manifests in fits of passion and fury. It is normal for anger to manifest as red flashes like a protruding flame, or for a black background to appear for malice filled hatred, or a dirty green for jealousy fueled anger. Greed manifests as quite an unsightly color of red-black and a dirty green.


Should you observe such astral colors, you’ll be struck with an unpleasant feeling and the desire to fix it. At the very least, those who are able to see auras will feel so uncomfortable that they’ll think, “I’m surprised I’m not ill from this”. In fact, these types of auras often result in an illness.



Just like the reds, yellow astral colors also have several variations. Yellow represents "intellect" with various shades and transparencies.


Of particular interest among the yellows is orange, which represents a variety of “intellectual pride” such as intellectual ambition and willful realization. The stronger the redness, the stronger the relationship with physical and animalistic qualities. The more pride and authority oriented, the more red, and the more love of intellectual achievement, the less red. 


The desire for pure intellectual expression is a beautiful golden yellow. It is common to see this color manifest from good teachers, with disciples sometimes having a golden “halo” around their heads. Exceptional mediums can clearly see golden halos, outlined by a beautiful blue color.


However, it is relatively rare to see such a rich gold for intellect, with most people only manifesting a sickly yellow color. True intelligence appears as scattered golden dots, like a candle flame among weak flames from a match.



Green is a deeply interesting group created by a combination of blue, yellow, and the different shades of black and white. Even for competent Esoterics, it is incredibly difficult to explain the truth of a green that arises from spiritual blues and intellectual yellows.


Of all the astral colors, the greens are one of the most difficult to interrupt, with only the best Esoterics being able to explain why. A useful tip for analytics enthusiasts is that green lies in the center of astral colors, and balances each extreme while being surprisingly influenced by both. 


A gentle green represents love of nature, the outdoors and travel, while a slight change in its shade will change its representation to a love of family. Clear, bright greens represent sympathy, philanthropy, and charity. Some shades represent patience towards others' opinions.


Darker shades represent capability, diplomacy, and the ability to manipulate people, with even darker shades representing frivolousness, treachery, and unfaithfulness. Tin-colored dirty green represents deceit and is unfortunately a color that is often seen in many people. Muddy, unsightly green represents jealousy. 



Blue represents various religious feelings, such as "spirituality." The best spiritual and religious sensations and thoughts are a beautifully clear, dark violet. The vulgar and rough religious feelings and thoughts are dark and cloudy shades of a blackish indigo. It becomes so dark that it is difficult to distinguish it from a dark blue. Dark blue indicates a superstitious religious spirit that is not worthy of being called religion. It is important to remember that religions have both low and high places, where both rare flowers can bloom and infestation of weeds can occur.


Profound spiritual sensations, the true spiritual enlightenment, is a surprisingly clear and bright blue, similar to that of a clear autumn sky just before dusk. Like being overcome with sublime feelings similar to when this color draws closer to the natural world.


Profound ethics appear as a beautiful blue. It is a clear color that always strikes the mind. A religious spirit dominated by fear is represented by a gray-ish blue. Purple is a color associated with people who love ritual and structure, especially dignified ceremonies and an aristocratic lifestyle. That is why purple is chosen as the royal color.



Brown astral colors represent the desire for acquisition and accumulation, ranging from clear brown, which indicates the accumulation of industry, to a murky brown, which indicates stinginess, greediness, and rapaciousness.



Grays represent passive (negative) thoughts and feelings. Grays are unfavorable and unpleasant, representing anxiety, melancholy, discouragement and passiveness.



Black astral colors generally represent hatred, malice, revenge, and "magic". It clouds bright colors and deprives them of their beauty. Black also represents animosity, depression, gloom, pessimism, and so on.



White, as mentioned before, is the astral color of a "pure spirit" and has the effect of brightening and making other colors more clear. The “great white light” of supreme existence appears around great experts and masters. It is not a relative white, but rather, an absolute white that belongs to the higher world, and exceeds any light that enters the vision of the physical or astral worlds. A white astral color indicates a high degree of spiritual achievement and growth, and permeation of this color throughout the entire aura is a sign of an expert or master.

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